3 Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation

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3 Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation

3 Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation

5 October 2015
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The last thing any homeowner wants is a pest or rodent infestation in their home. That's why it's important to keep up regular maintenance on your house's exterior to make sure that nothing unwanted can sneak in. But there's one particular kind of infestation that can be a little more difficult to detect at first. Here are a few warning signs that termites may have found their way into your house. If these signs sound like what you have encountered, contact a professional for termite treatment immediately.

The Walls Sound Hollow

One reason it can be difficult to detect termites at first is that they prefer to play in dark, cool places. You'll likely never see them running on the outside surface of your walls. But if you bump into a wall one day and it sounds hollow to you, this could be a sign that something is up. Take the time to bump your fist against the wall in different spots to figure out if there is a clear difference in any area or if it was just your imagination. Termites will eat away at the walls from within and can dish out serious damage to your home's structure and foundation if you don't get it treated quickly.

Flying Insects or Discarded Wings

Some termites actually have wings and can fly. These termites are called swarmers, and they take flight usually in the spring to go and create a new colony. If you see a huge swarm of insects that you can't immediately identify, or you see a bunch of discarded insect wings along the walls, this could mean you have a termite problem. Get a professional to come and take a closer look.

Mud Trails

If you see a small trail of mud, sometimes called "mud tubes" along your house's foundation, this is most likely from termites. Subterranean termites build these tubes to provide moisture while they are looking for food. One possible culprit in this scenario could be the stack of wood logs you keep near the house for wood burning. Move any such stack including firewood, store mulch and wood chips far away from the foundation and then get professional help.

Termites can do serious damage to your home from the inside out. If your walls sound hollow or you notice a trail of insect wings or mud tubes near your house's foundation, contact a termite treatment company such as Xtermco Inc. or a similar company.

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