3 Tips For Bee Removal

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3 Tips For Bee Removal

3 Tips For Bee Removal

14 October 2015
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Everybody loves honey, but not everybody loves bees. More accurately, many people do not have a problem with bees, but dislike the presence of a beehive in their tree, worrying about being stung if they disturb the bees, etc. If you have found a beehive near your home and would like to have it gone, read on to learn about three of the best bee removal tips out there. 

1. Relocate the Hive

If you want the beehive further away from your home, you can relocate the hive to keep yourself and your children from getting stung. Plan to move the hive in late winter or early spring when the fewest number of bees are in the hive, cover yourself fully before moving the hive, and relocate it carefully, somewhere where no one will accidentally step on it. Don't put it in anyone else's yard without their permission. Keep in mind that smoking the bees is a great option for keeping them calm without permanently harming them.

2. Call A Beekeeper

If you want the beehive gone but do not want to mess with moving it, the best and most humane option is to call a beekeeper. The beekeeper will have the knowledge required to move the beehive carefully while making sure that they end up in a place that is good for them. A beekeeper will also ensure that none of the honeycomb is left behind; if it is left, bees will just return. 

3. Call an Exterminator

If a beekeeper is unwilling to come to your home, and you are absolutely determined to remove that hive, an exterminator can usually get the job done. Contact a professional service such as ASAP Bee Removal, and ask about any humane options they may have to get rid of the bees; most pest control services will be happy to work with you in that regard.

Beehives can be nuisances, and it is understandable that so many people want them away from their homes and children. If you just noticed the beehive but have not heard of anyone being stung, or been stung yourself, consider leaving the hive alone. Bees are not typically aggressive, and should leave you alone unless provoked. If you or one of your children has a bee allergy, though, and you need to get rid of the hive to rest easy, give one of the beehive removal methods above a try, and enjoy your bee-free home! 

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