Winter Time Wasp And Bee Prevention

This blog shows you what can be done to eliminate basement insects to ensure that the environment is safe and comfortable to live in. Click here.

Winter Time Wasp And Bee Prevention

Winter Time Wasp And Bee Prevention

15 January 2016
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Wasp and bee infestations are typically most concerning in spring and summer when the insects are most active. During the fall and winter months, the queens go into hibernation, while all other members of the colonies die off. The colder months are actually the best time to take action to prevent an infestation and secure your property from unwanted warm weather tenants. While bees and wasps can be a major annoyance, they can also pose a severe health threat. A sting can cause devastating illness or even death. The following tips will help you keep your home and outbuildings free of these pests, and ensure the safety of your family members, both humans and pets.

Destroy Nests

During the cold months when there is no activity, hunt down all wasp and bee nests on your property and destroy them. Completely scrape the nest off the surface it is attached to, then spray a pesticide where the nest was, to discourage wasps or bees from returning to the site. It can also be helpful to paint or stain unfinished wood to deter another infestation on the same site. 

Eliminate Access

Bees and wasps enter structures through the smallest gaps and openings in the frame, siding or vents. Eliminate access to keep them from infiltrating your home, garage, shed or other outbuildings. Spray foam and caulk can be good options for sealing these tiny openings. You should also ensure that all screens and doors are intact and fit securely.

Remove Food Sources

Insects will obviously be attracted to living spaces that provide them food as well as shelter. Eliminate the favored food sources of bees and wasps to deter them from shacking up with you while they wreak their havoc on your neighborhood. Open and unattended pet food, garbage cans and compost piles are all delicious buffet opportunities for wasps, bees and other insects. Feed your pets inside if possible, and remove the food once the pet is finished eating. Keep garbage cans sealed, and keep compost piles covered. You should also keep cardboard and paper to a minimum, as insects are attracted to these items for dinner purposes as well as home-building materials. 

If you have fruit trees, you should also be careful to remove fallen fruit before it has a chance to rot, as this can attract insects that can quickly turn angry. If these steps do not work to cut down on the wasp and bee population around your home, make a call to your exterminator to get assistance.

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