4 Things You Need To Do When You Have Bed Bugs

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4 Things You Need To Do When You Have Bed Bugs

4 Things You Need To Do When You Have Bed Bugs

31 October 2016
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You may have been lying in bed one night when you suddenly felt itchy. If you started scratching your body, you may have noticed a few small welts developing around those itchy areas, causing you to feel curious as to what could be causing such a strange and itchy reaction. Upon inspecting the mattress, you may have found a bed bug, which was probably the last thing you ever wanted to see on your mattress. If you have been able to confirm that you do, in fact, have bed bugs, there are some things you need to do right away.

1. Avoid Bringing People Over

You do not have to keep your friends and family from hanging out at your home forever. However, you do need to avoid bringing them over to your place until you are no longer dealing with bed bugs in your home because otherwise they could end up leaving your home with the bed bugs on their own clothes or belongings.

It is also important to think about anyone who may have stayed over or visited the home that could have potentially brought the bed bugs to your home. If you have recently traveled, there is a good chance you brought them back by accident without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it is something that happens very often.

2. Pull Your Furniture Away From the Wall

The next thing you should is pull all furniture away from the wall. Bed bugs can crawl up walls to get on to furniture. This is not going to protect you from any of the bugs that may already be on your furniture, but it is still a step you will need to take during the treatment phase because the exterminator will need to have access to the areas in your home where the walls and floor meet, especially if you have carpets on your floor.

3. Use Some Interceptors and Covers For Your Mattress

Instead of throwing your mattress in the trash, put a cover on it. There are protective covers that seal completely to keep the bed bugs from turning your mattress into their home. Once you have put a cover on each mattress in the home, consider placing interceptors on the floor by the bed to capture any of these pests that may be trying to make their way up the bed frame for a feast.

4. Discuss the Treatment Plan With an Exterminator

After taking some immediate action on your own behalf, contacting the exterminator is the next step to take. The two of you can talk about the right treatment plan based on your budget as well as the effectiveness of the treatment. There are different options available, some of which include the use of heat or sprays. You can ask as many questions as you want to make sure you have a good understanding of the treatment before the exterminator comes to your home. You can also visit a site like http://www.craigandsons.com.

Bed bugs are hard to deal with and quite difficult to remove from a home. Even though they are not the easiest pest to get rid of, there are certain things you can do to make sure they are gone for good, which includes using interceptors and a mattress cover while having an exterminator perform a treatment. You should also be sure to warn your family and friends about the problem you are dealing with so they are aware of the situation as well.

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