Pests In The Attic

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Pests In The Attic

Pests In The Attic

16 January 2019
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You may take some comfort in the feeling that your home is pest free because you don't see pests or proof of pests anywhere throughout the living quarters. However, you don't want to take that feeling of comfort too far, since there are some pests that love the attic. In fact, if you don't go into your attic often, then you may not have any idea that there is even an issue until that issue because so bad you are practically slapped in the face with it the next time you open the attic door.

Bats in the attic

It can be very easy to get a lot of bats in your attic. They can come in through the smallest of spaces and a lot of bats can huddle together in a surprisingly small area. You may not know you have bats in the attic, but you should know they are somewhere. When you are outside at dusk, you will see bats zooming through the air. If you notice bats in your yard, you want to check the attic. If you find a bat infestation, call out the professionals to remove them and seal the attic. They will also need to clean out the bat guano. You shouldn't clean the attic after a bat infestation because their guano can make you ill if you breathe in the dust from it. Every small crack and gap needs to be closed off to prevent the bats from returning. You can also hang bat boxes from your trees to give them an alternative home. Bats aren't all bad, they can significantly decrease the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

Rodents in the attic

Rodents can be in the attic for a long time without you knowing. However, you may start to hear strange noises or notice other things going on that leave you wondering what's happening up there. If you have rodents in the attic then you may see their nesting area which can be made up of insulation ripped from areas around your attic, shredded papers, shredded cardboard from boxes and even wiring. You'll want to have the rodents removed and have professionals clean up the mess, since rodent feces can also make you sick from inhaling its dust. Rodents can cause serious electrical issues once they set their sights on the wires in your home.

Raccoons in the attic

If you have raccoons in the attic, then it may be a little more obvious that there's something going on up there. Raccoons are pretty large animals, bigger than cats in many cases. So, you may hear the sounds of their paws pitter pattering back and forth above you when you are in the house. Raccoons can enter through vents with damaged screens or other vulnerable areas. If you feel you may have raccoons in the attic, its best to have a professional come out right away. Don't try to see what's going on by yourself, because raccoons can be mean and dangerous.

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